Locopage is definitely not a "one-man show". There is continual research for all the information that is provided.

The main published sources of the information for this site are:

Given the large amount of information provided, it could not have been what it is without the input from the people listed below:

Greg Adams, George Anselme, John Armstrong, Jeff Austin, Bernie Baker, Martin Baumann, Craig Belcher, Jim Bisdee, Neil Blinco, Paul Bond, Adam Boughton, Matt Bowen, Michael Bray, Norm Bray, David Bromage, John Browning, Bob Burns, Hugh Burns, Bill Butler, Chris Carpenter, Peter Clark, Matthew Clements, Andrew Clinton, Peter Cokley, Rick Coles, Doug Colquhoun, Steve Corrigan, Brad Coulter, Adrian Cuvalo, Ken Dailey, Jim Dean, Brady Dell, Melanie Dennis, Trent Deverell, Rod Diery, Stuart Dix, Michael Dix, Dale Dixon, Nic Doncaster, Russell Donnelly, Ted Drake, Chris Drymalik, John Dunleavy, David Elliott, Alan Erskine, Grahame Ferguson, Jason Ferguson, Keith Findlay, Jamie Fisher, Scott Fitzgerald, Howard Franks, Lindsay Free, Merv Gaut, Wesley Gleeson, George, Robert Gill, Graeme, Jason Grandcourt, Tim Gray, Matthew Green, Nicholas Griffin, Mark Grigg, Craig Haber, Lesleigh Hall, Mark Hall, Geoff Hann, Peter Haworth, Peter Herniman, David Hockey, Darren Hodges, Garry Holt, Bernie Home, Glen Hopkins, Michael House, Hunslet, Geoff Ind, Barton Jennings, Scott Jesser, Gary Johns, Michael Johns, Jason Kemp, Pete Kilburn, Joel Kirchner, Shaun Kirkby, Marshall Kitson, Peter Knife, Stephen Knight, Gary Lamb, Ian Larcher, Jonathan Lau, Kevin Lawrence, Stephen Leach, Mike Lee, Stuart Livesey, Ian Livingstone, Graeme Lythall, Peter MacFarlane, David McMorran, Geoff Marks, Ian Marks, Tony Marsden, Ray Marsh, Roy Marshall, Phillip Martin, John McCallum, David McMorran, Peter Medlin, Jens Merte, Tony Middleton, Fergus Moffat, Richard Montgomery, John More, David Morley, Lindsay Morrison, Glen Muller, Jeffrey Mullier, Peter Neve, Paul Nicholson, Graham Nixon, Chris Nuthall, Ray Oaff, Leon Oberg, Douglas O'Niell, Leigh Organ, John Orr, Daniel Osborne, Tom Pacy, Dave Padgett, Steve Palmano, Greg Palmer, Mike Palmieri, Robert Parnell, Brad Peadon, Ralph Penn, Steve Pike, John Purcell, 'Railway Rasputin', John Regan, Roger Renton, Denis Richardson, Graham Ringer, Paul Rogers, Chris Ronchi, Bob Sampson, Ben Scanlon, Kim Seeborne, 'Shacks', Peter Silva, Frederick Simon, Rick Smearcheck, Doug Smiley, Clark Spencer, Dean Stalker, Chris Stratton, Dietmar Stresow, Ian Studham, Martin Thobaven, John Thomson, Peter Vincent, Barry Walding, Phil Waller, Chris Walters, Daven Walters, Brian Webber, Philip Whitaker, Peter Williams, Rodney Williams, David Winter, Darren Wood, Bob Woodcock, Glenn Wright, and any others who I have forgotten.
Thanks also to those who have asked to remain anonymous.

There are also the Ausloco, LocoShed, and other email lists; and the 'aus.rail' newsgroup.
Finally, thanks to Brian Evans and the Railpage tech support crew, for helping solve IT problems.

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