Nearly all photos of Australian diesel and electric locos sent to me for Locopage are listed here. As well, some of my own and my brother's photos are here.
There are more than 1880 photos by over 150 photographers in the photo gallery.

If there is no email given with the photographer's name on the loco class pages, check here for an email address.

If you wish to use a particular photo, please email the photographer first to ask their permission (for copyright purposes). 

I am interested in photos of loco classes not already covered in the photo gallery. The photos I am looking for are the following:

If you have any other photos and would like to see them online, a useful location is Fotopic, at: http://www.fotopic.net where you can upload up to 250MB for free (I use this for photos from 4WD trips I've been on).

Becuase of the large number of photos in the gallery, I have now broken up this page into several pages covering individual operators, as follows:

Photographer credits

(AB) Andy Browne
(AH) Adrian Hurley
(AH2) Arthur Hayes (sent via Glenn Wright)
(AK) Anthony Katon
(AL) Alfred Lauschke
(BB) Bob Burns
(BC) Branko Cabarkapa
(BD) Bill Dunn
(BF) Brendan Field (sent via Paul Bird)
(BJ) Brad Johns
(BM) Brett McSweeney
(BM2) Bill MacIntyre
(BM3) Ben O'Malley
(BN) Ben Noakes
(BN2) Bryce Norton
(BP) Brad Peadon
(BT) Brett Thomas
(BW) Bob Woodcock
(BW2) Brian Walsh
(CB) Craig Belcher
(CC) Chris Carpenter
(CC2) Cassandra Cook/Great Northern
(CD) Chris Dearson
(CH) Craig Haber
(CH2) Chris Halliday
(CH3) Charlie Harris (sent via Howard Franks)
(CH4) Colin Hadley
(CL) Craig Ludwigsen
(CM) Carl Millington
(CP) Chris Paddick
(CS) Chris Stratton
(CW) Chris Walters
(DB) Duncan Butcher
(DB2) David Bromage
(DH) David Head
(DH2) Darren Hodges
(DJ) Dean Jones
(DN) David Neafsey
(DO) Douglas O'Neill
(DT) Dylan Thorpe
(DT2) Dallas Trembath
(DW) Dean Williams
(DW2) Daven Walters
(DW3) Danny Webb
(ET) Ed Tonks (sent via John Hourigan)
(FA) Frank Archer
(GC) Graham Carberry
(GE) Graham Edwards
(GE2) Graham Elliott
(GH) Garry Holt
(GH2) Geoff Horne
(GI) Geoff Ind
(GJ) Gary Johns
(GL) Gary Lamb
(GM) G. Mende
(GM2) Glen Muller
(GR) Graham Ringer
(GW) Gerard Wood
(HF) Howard Franks
(IK) Ian Kronberger
(IS) Ian Silfo
(IW) Ian White
(JB) John Boxall
(JB2) Jim Bisdee
(JB3) John Browning
(JC) John Cleverdon
(JC2) Jason Cooper
(JC3) Jon Cernan
(JD) Jim Dunn
(JG) Jon Germann
(JH) John Hourigan
(JK) Jason Kemp
(JM) Jeffrey Mullier
(JM2) John Marsh
(JM3) Jay McGhee
(JR) James Rumble
(JS) John Snelson
(JT) Jim Toole
(JX) Justin
(KB) Ken Belcher
(KD) Kevin Dunk
(KL) Kristian Lofhelm
(KM) Ken McHugh
(LC) Luke Cossins
(LD) Lincoln Driver
(LH) Lloyd Hutcheon
(LW) Len Weigh
(MB) Mark Brewer
(MC) Mark Cobbin
(MD) Michael Donahoo
(MD2) Matthew Davis
(ME) Matt English
(ME2) Michael Earle
(MF) Mick Flynn
(MG) Mark Grace
(MH) Murray Haby
(MH2) Marc Hunt
(MJ) Matthew Johnson
(MJ2) Matt Julian
(MJ3) Michael Jones & David Jones
(ML) Michael Lawn
(MM) Malcolm Macdonald
(MM2) Mark Mudie
(MM3) Max Michell
(MT) Martin Thobaven
(MW) Mick Walsh
(MX) Michael
(NL) Nick Lapthorne
(NS) Neil Stevens
(PA) Pat Aitchison
(PB) Paul Bird
(PB2) Peter Briggs
(PC) Peter Clark
(PH) Peter Haworth
(PH2) Peter Higgins
(PH3) Phil Hawthorne
(PK) Pete Kilburn
(PK2) Peter Knife
(PM) Phillip Martin
(PM2) Pete Michalak
(PN) Peter Newett
(PR) Peter Roylance
(PR2) Peter Robbins
(PR3) Peter Robinson
(PT) Paul Tiffany
(PW) Peter Willsher
(PY) Paul Yole
(RA) Richard Ashton
(RB) Rod Beveridge
(RD) Rod Diery
(RK) Ron Krueger
(RM) Raymond Marsh
(RM2) Richard Montgomery
(RP) Ralph Penn
(RP2) Richard Pollard
(RP3) Richard Percy
(RS) Roy S
(RS2) Rodney Smith
(RW) Rodney Williams
(SB) Stewart Blencowe
(SC) Stephen Cleverdon
(SF) Shane Foreman
(SG) Steven Giess
(SK) Shaun Kirkby
(SK2) Steve Kebblewhite (sent via Daven Walters)
(SK3) Steven Kaylinger
(SW) Stewart Winston
(SW2) Samuel Wittwer
(TB) Ted Baybutt
(TD) Trent Deverell
(TG) Tim Gray
(TL) Tony Ledger
(TM) T. McConnell
(TM2) Thomas Madsen
(TM3) Thomas Marschall
(TP) Ted Polet
(TW) Thomas Wooler
(TW2) Tony Winstone
(WE) Wayne Eade

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